A downloadable game for Windows

Fight night is a Game where you create your fighters, and throw them into a death pit!

Put your OC's, Favorite Games, friends and more  into a death pit where only one will emerge victorious! >:)

Each fighter made by you will start with 3 health, they will either run away from other fighters, or chase them down to deal 1 heart of damage! 

The last one standing wins! 

I made this because I thought normal randomizers where kinda boring, like spinning a wheel or rolling a dice. This program works as a randomizer by making each selection literally fight the the death!

This can be used in any way you like tho, like entering your friends, games, characters or anything up as fighters.


WASD - Move Camera position

RMB - Move Camera Angle

Scroll wheel - Zoom Camera


Machine Girl - Night Saber

Lone - Raindance

Install instructions

Extract the zip file into its own folder, and run the exe!


FightNight.zip 44 MB

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